9 Months After Childbirth And Weight Loss! — 8 Comments

  1. My doctor advised me after I had my son and breastfeeding, continue to take prenatal. In addition, for lunch I eat a handful of peanuts, a cheese stick and fruit with homemade fruit dip. then I get to the candy yogurt with pieces of candy on top! I lost 10lbs in since September!

  2. I am a theater nurse, and also had a cesarean at the same time as you. The pain is probably scar tissue adhesions tear. This is normal and is not bad 🙂 xx

  3. … also check my videos in your “free time” hehe …. I am a mom sunny coast, just bothered to start them recently 🙂

  4. …… Do not feel guilty about eating macca or what you want, it will not last forever, and if you’re like me with the weight (which sounds like you are), it might go up a little if you’re still weak but not super small, so enjoy this shit 🙂

  5. Ohhh me too with my weight loss and breastfeeding / pumping. It was sooooooooooooo good not having to worry about what I ate, not worried at all and he did not! It was so great 🙂 enjoy it while it lasts ….. I was fine and was running lean and fit well. Now I’m 5-6kg in place since I finished (slowly infiltrated up to this point), it remained stable here for more than 6 months I think, but it sucks, I can not find the button to be great with food down.

  6. It looks like scar tissue! With all you get scar tissue incision and with me, I also have a sharp pain if I pull up quickly or sometimes lower! Its been 5 years and sometimes it hurts anyway! So I would not worry if it becomes unbearable or appears inflamed around the incision! I love your videos and Heidi is adorable! 🙂