Prepared Foods and Your Weight Loss Program

Prepared foods and your weight loss program, prepared food will help you lose weight. You will most likely pay three to four times as much for a bag of cleaned and ready to eat salad then you would a head of lettuce. But buying prepared food like a bag of salad instead of a head of lettuce can be a boost to your diet program.

When you think about taking head of lettuce apart, then washing it, and finally tearing it into eatable size bites, you just may be tempted to skip the whole process and throw a quick frozen pizza in the oven and there goes your diet.

Prepared Foods like Bags of Vegetables

Prepared foods like a bag of salad or a slaw mix is a quick and easy snack. It will often work for meal for those of you who are watching your weight. But it doesn’t stop there. You can usually find a good variety of fresh produce that comes ready to cook or just eat.

There are other prepared foods besides salad, carrots and celery sticks. You can buy ready to go cabbage slaw mixes, crudités, or fresh fruit that is already peeled and sliced. You can also find fresh veggies ready to steam or sauté, and baby vegetables. The next time you are in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, take a few minutes to see what other prepared food you can find.

Prepared Foods Found in the Deli Section

You can find prepared foods in the deli section. These prepared foods come in a wide variety. You will find a good selection of prepared individual entree salads that you can choose from. You might decideprepared foods on Cobb, Southwest Chicken, or seafood, just to name a few.   The salads usually come with the dressing in a separate container.

They do this to keep the lettuce fresh and you can control the amount of dressing you use. These salads are portion controlled; you will find that when you’re finished it is likely that there won’t be anything left to tempt you into taking ‘just one more bite.’

The caveat is you need to stay away from the prepared foods that are high in fat or that is made with mayonnaise, such as potato, or macaroni salads. You should though, avoid prepared foods like smoked deli meats and the like. It’s best to purchase roasted meats like chicken or turkey, along with low fat cheeses.

Some other prepared foods are, crunchy veggies with dip, snack packs of fresh fruits with yogurt, even hard boiled eggs can round out your snack menu. All of these prepared foods are ready to go and they can satisfy your hunger.

You can even find more prepared foods in the frozen foods section. You will find name brand diet foods and also they may have the grocer’s brand. These will all work well for those on a weight loss program.

Name brands are very similar in taste and in nutritional benefits. You will find that the house brand usually costs less than most name brands. You can use these prepared foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When at the office, most offices have a microwave and a refrigerator with which you can prepare your food.

Beware when you are in the snack and cookie aisle. Purchase only individual containers and bags in other words, smaller portions. Also purchase only low fat crackers and cookies.

You can easily use prepared foods to keep your diet, weight loss program on track. Do not let your busy schedule be an excuse to stray from your diet.

Be sure that when you shop, you shop for three or four days at a time. This way you will have the prepared foods you want and like when you begin to feel the pangs of hunger creeping in.


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