Pretty Fierce 60-day program of weight loss – Order Now — 30 Comments

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  7. It would be great … part of why I do these vlogs is b / c I do not have a workout buddy! I hate this feeling awkward gym … I always push for it!

  8. I’m so excited you’re doing this again! I need motivation! I have 20-30lbs to lose. I put my gym membership on hold because I was too embarressed to enter! Everyone knows me there and I was 20-30lbs lighter before! I wish we lived closer because we could workout together and walk with our wonderful strollers Britax b ready! =) Grayson is so adorable!

  9. I started WW in January, I love it. Meetings keep me. They have tons of information. and it is sorta like a jump kick to keep you motivated. Sometimes I go to more than one meeting in the week with a friend. Everyone got something good out of it. I think they all speak the same thing every week. This week (2-20 – 2-26) will talk about the competitions emotional eating and why we do it and I think it triggers = o)

  10. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal on my iPhone. I’m counting calories. I have a limit if 1250 calories per day

  11. I started my weightloss again too! Check out my channel. We can be friends weight loss! I’m on FB too

  12. Weight Watchers meetings some time to have a “mommy and me” meeting. Check your area.

  13. I’ll have to consult two weight watchers and other website when I start my weight loss! How long after Grayson did you start? Pending videos weight loss!

  14. I’m so glad I found this site! I’m still working on the baby weight and my youngest is 4 (I have three kids) lol! I’m trying to lose 20lbs. I’ll be rooting for you!

  15. I’ll be watching and rooting for you! I think all of us moms trying to stay healthy and lose weight at any given time .. good luck!

  16. You should try the lesser of 30 days for the year! I have not even changed my diet and I lost about 5 pounds in a week on it! =] Good luck!

  17. I try to exercise some degree every day. I plan to do a lot of cardio and strength by incorporating both. I also started something crazy next week I will talk about in my first week update tomorrow. =) And I added the link to the youtube group Sparkpeople the info, woo!

  18. Awesome! I’ve always found that going to meetings was very helpful! I highly recommend it!

  19. Glad you’re on the right track, you are already! How long and often do you exercise? What kind of workouts you do? Sparkpeople I liked on fb, but how can I join the community youtube mom?

  20. And you just made my day! = P I’m just on the verge of being overweight and I have a small frame so as to be at the top of the “normal” range on a table is not healthy for me. In addition, the weight I carry in my abdomen that is so unhealthy. And did I mention love handles? They are scary, haha! =)

  21. My hair is all natural. It’s so dark that it would not take much color without lightening first and I love it like that. My sister has naturally blonde hair (this is a much darker blond now that she is older) so I can imagine how I could look that way, haha! And I will def. share some of what I eat. Honestly, I do not always eat very healthy, sometimes I just reduce the amount I eat. This is one of my problems too!

  22. Thank you for making these videos! So encouraging and it motivates me to get on the bandwagon with you. I have months and 4 years 30 pounds is my goal too 🙂

  23. As I sit here, appearing on my points, I also watch your video. WW this application barcode that I love you because you scan your article and it tells you the PPV (some foods are not available), but most are, and it is wonderful. I just finished ‘in two weeks and I’m down 9.2 lbs. I love the way you say simply choose to save and continue! -3

  24. I love your daughter videos! … I was wondering if you dye your hair or if it is natural? and if you have a colo colored blond or before? also can you share what you eat during your weight loss? One of my problems when Mayor plans are revenue …: (So I hope you share that thank you!